I love words and I love the feel of papers and fibers, the richness of layers and the interest of textures. These are the pieces of my art. Languages, connections, constructions, and collections of various things reappear.

As a youngster I made “inventions” out of wood scraps, nails and colored rubber bands - my first constructions. Past explorations include hand papermaking, quilting, basket-making, encaustic, altered books. Today I work in mixed media, fiber, wax, collage and metal.  Recent projects have included expanding the Cool Tool collection at Heathcote Botanical Gardens, random weave hangings, fiber and paper mache’ bird sculptures, all focused on utilizing collections on hand -  papers, paints, fabrics and fibers, botanicals, serendipitous items.

I grew up in central Florida in a home by a lake. I have always been inclined towards the outdoors, inspired by the many facets of the natural world. This inclination led me from an initial career in social work to the field of horticulture where I have been involved in different capacities for the past 35 years. I like to work outdoors when making my art at home- it feels right. It also feels right to be creating in my studio at Seriously Mixed Media Art in downtown Ft. Pierce, FL.

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