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PREVIOUS GUEST ARTISTS - George Love's Students Exhibition

George Love ~Stephanie Davis~Pat Green~Karin Huggins~Trinity Stautland


George Love

My experience with oil painting began over 20 years ago when I stumbled onto an Academic class where the instructor was teaching exactly the sort of art I was interested in: Old Masters and classical realistic work. My good fortune in finding this class was the first step to learning the skills needed to create the kind of art I loved. The rest of the time has been practice  -  every painting is a learning experience.  Over the past two decades, I’ve painted many things that inspire me, from still life to animals and later on learned trompe l’oeil. I enjoy highly detailed work and the challenges of creating three dimensions on a two dimensional plane.

Had it not been for my teacher, when I first began, I would not be doing the work I am able to do today. I decided to try and pass along what I learned  and have been teaching an oil  class for the past 6 years. I share everything I know with the students I have. Their work makes me very proud; they take on a challenge of a painting and don’t let it go. I am so happy to be able to give to others the exciting gift that was given to me– the ability to put what is in my imagination into a very real form for others to see. My students have been juried into shows, given commission work and sold their art. That is success for me, as well as them.


Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis is a Costa Rican born artist raised in Florida focusing on the medium of oil in the Old Master’s technique of realism. An interest in the visual arts was innate but exponentially grew during art history classes in high school and college. During this time, she’d often digress from lessons on her own search of past artists’ work and biographies.


The way light moves through and around different materials is an exciting aspect of painting she hopes to capture. Stephanie trains with a realism instructor to continue to develop the craft and discover new ways to “see” and understand objects in real space. Artists from the past like William-Adolphe Bouguereau and contemporaries like Roberto Ferri are an inspiration for their advanced skill in rendering life-like flesh.

She has a love for portraiture and still life which directly carry over to her work as a portrait and commercial photographer and videographer.

pat green


I have always enjoyed art and decided to attend a group painting class in 2011.  I discovered that it was incredibly relaxing and interesting.  I wanted to learn to paint in a more formal way and found George Love's class.  Learning about values, mediums, textures, blending colors, etc., has opened a new world for me.  I have created several pieces using different subjects from portraits to baseball mitts.  Each piece is a satisfying learning experience that allows me to build my techniques and skills.  


Karin Huggins

                                                       After a lifetime career in education, Karin Huggins pursued a dream of learning to paint in oils. Encouraged by her husband, influenced and inspired by the creativity of her mother and daughters, Karin, began painting in 2015 with Georgina Love.  Learning the basics of painting and seduced by the classical methods employed by the Old Masters, Karin often chooses to recreate a likeness of a masterpiece to practice manipulating paints and glazes.  Applying these techniques to her original compositions, she is beginning to develop her own style.  Karin attributes artistic successes to the gifts of her extraordinary teacher.  Karin and husband, Wyatt reside in a river cottage on the lagoon in St. Lucie County with their basset hound, Max.

Trinity Stautland

Hello! My name is Trinity Stautland. I'm a teen artist and hope to make art my career. I enjoy dabbling in different mediums and styles, but my primary medium is the wonderful and classic pencil. If you have a taste for realism and love drawing, then take a peek! 


Anita Prentice

Anita exhibited in May/June 2017

 Want to see more of Anita's spectacular Art? Visit and

Mary exhibited her work in our gallery in April of 2017


Enchanted Gardens


Yogi Krueger - November 2016X

Born and raised in St Lucie County with an education provided by the St Lucie Co. School system. Encouraged to pursue my interest in art by Jack Bidenharn, Zanobia Jefferson, Blanche Rosenau, Heather Cowles and my uncle Roy Krueger. I taught myself how to arc weld then received certification in the 6G position from Hobart Welding School.  I create my pieces in many different types of media,  sometimes utilizing the same media for a series of pieces until I grow tired or the can is empty. I usually make my own frames.