Art Bio: Janet Bird Fuller


I grew up in New Jersey as a fourth generation artist. From a young age, my Dad, Charlie Bird---a jack of all trades artist---mentored me in cartooning, caricatures, graphite, ink, and pastel drawing, acrylic and oil painting, calligraphy, collage and graphic art.  He was a police composite artist, a published illustrator and a highly collected artist. Until relatively recently, I was a traditional artist, but found it uninspiring. My days of creating portraits, floral paintings and graphic art brought no satisfaction. For five years, I created no art.

Then one day in 2011, I was driving past a pile of garbage and spotted a vintage cabinet door (with 3D embellishments) that I thought would make an interesting work of art. Around the same time, I read an antiques blog that mentioned irreparably broken antiques and vintage items could be transformed into steampunk art. As I had been a part-time antiques and vintage collectibles dealer for 25 years, I had many items that would fit that bill. But I hadn’t a clue what steampunk was. After much research, I learned that its definition is not easily defined or agreed upon by its practitioners. It emerged in the 1980’s as an underground sub-genre of science fiction. It is inspired by the steam powered machinery and industrial innovation that emerged during the late 19th century.  It melds present day technology with that of the Victorian era. It speculates what would the past past look like if the future had occurred sooner?* Think of the contraptions of Willie Wonka. Dr. Who and Rube Goldberg and throw in lots of gears and gizmos…..that’s pure steampunk.  It is a far reaching movement that can also be found in literature, music, theatre, fashion, home decor and design. After years of operating in cult-like obscurity, it has become part of the mainstream culture.

In 2012, I was selected by Art Mundo to participate in their Emerging Artist Program. In this program, I was mentored by renowned Fort Pierce artists Ginny Piech Street and Anita Prentice on how to launch a successful art career. I’ve been working as a full time artist ever since.

All my art---steampunk, abstract, industrial---is created from local trash and cast offs given to me by many generous friends. As a fierce environmental advocate, I derive much satisfaction from salvaging useful objects that would otherwise wastefully end up in a landfill. I am tickled when folks view my art and invariably marvel: “I can’t believe you made that out of garbage!”


My business name is 2nd Generation Art. My body of work and blogs can be viewed at and on Pinterest (as Janet Bird Fuller--2nd Generation Art) and Facebook (as 2nd Generation Art Janet Bird Fuller.

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