Judy works in a variety of media including Scherenschnitte (German for "scissor cuts"). The creation of this art involves intricate paper cutting resulting in dramatic and stunning pieces. Judy also makes beautiful and unique jewelry and is well known for her cat portraits."

"I can’t remember when I didn’t make things. I’ve done arts and crafts all my life and at some point I went back to school thinking I would like to hone in and be good at one thing. I had a great time but it didn’t work. I majored in ceramics, and received a B.A., and loved it. I’ve sewn, crocheted, macramed, potted, painted, pasteled, scherenschnitted, tole painted, collaged and now I also make jewelry. I’m still a dabbler and a dabbler I will always be. My favorite jobs while my husband was in the military service were to work in craft shops and student centers where I set up programs, solicited teachers, taught classes and created displays - perfect jobs for me"!

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